Where Can You Buy Replacement Parts for Oster Blenders?

Where Can You Buy Replacement Parts for Oster Blenders?

Replacement parts for Oster blenders can be purchased through Oster and ACE Hardware Store, or through online retailers such as eReplacementParts and Goodman's. Oster carries a wide variety of Oster blender replacement parts including blades, jars and lids, as of March 2015.

The replacement parts sold on the Oster website are priced between $1 for an Oster MyBlend sealing ring, to about $75 for an Oster Versa 64-ounce replacement jar and blade assembly.

The ACE Hardware Store carries Oster blender replacement jars, blender blades, sealing rings and jar bases. Prices range from approximately $9 for an Oster blender jar base to about $20 for a replacement jar.

The eReplacementParts website carries Oster blender replacement parts for over 40 different models. The parts are organized by appliance model and part number. Each Oster blender model listing includes an appliance parts diagram and a list of all the parts the website has in stock. EReplacementParts provides customers with a 45-day return policy and same-day shipping.

Goodman's sells over 50 different Oster blend replacement parts including jars, lids, caps and blades. The parts are organized by part title. Oster blender blades, seals and bottom caps range in price from $1 for rubber o-ring gasket seals to about $15 for replacement blender blades. The jars, lids and caps are priced between $2 for a blender lid filler cap and $20 for a five-cup stainless steel blending jar.