Where Can You Buy Replacement Parts for a Dyson DC15 Vacuum?

Where Can You Buy Replacement Parts for a Dyson DC15 Vacuum?

Replacement parts for a Dyson DC15 vacuum are available on many websites, including Dyson.com, vacpartswarehouse.com, vacuum-direct.com and Amazon.com. These websites stock genuine parts and have a full inventory with competitive and affordable prices.

Each of these websites provides replacement parts; however, consumers should visit several of them and compare prices and availability. Dyson.com are the direct manufacturer of the Dyson DC15 Vacuum; however, they only deliver replacement parts to addresses within the United States. There is a delivery time between seven to ten business days, and shipping charges incur a flat shipping rate.

Vacpartswarehouse.com have an excellent diagram of the Dyson CD15, with all parts clearly labelled and displayed along the diagram. Shipping times vary between same day delivery, to between three and ten business days. As of 2015, they offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and they offer a live help service.

Vacuumdirect.com are specialist suppliers of vacuum cleaners and parts. They stock genuine DC15 replacement parts that work with all models of the Dyson DC15 range, including the DC15 All floors, DC15 Animal, DC15 HSN Exclusive, DC15 Total Clean and DC15 full kit.

Amazon offers many options for Dyson DC15 replacement parts. Each DC15 part has a customer review and many of the suppliers offer free shipping.