Where Can I Buy a Replacement Maytag Dryer Drum Belt?

Where Can I Buy a Replacement Maytag Dryer Drum Belt?

Replacement Maytag dryer drum belts can be purchased through online retailers such as Repair Clinic, Part Select, Appliance Parts Pros and Sears Parts Direct. Consumers can check the official Maytag website for replacement parts as well. As of March 2015, Repair Clinic carries 21 dryer drum belts for a wide range of Maytag dryer models.

The replacement dryer belts sold by Repair Clinic range in price from $10.35 for a 93 inch dryer belt with five ridges, to $49.05 for a dryer belt for Maytag models W10205415, as of March 2015. The Repair Clinic website provides customers with a 365-day return policy and is a Google trusted store.

Part Select stocks both multi-ridge and five ridge dryer drum belts for a variety of Maytag dryer models. The replacement belts are organized by model and part number. Most of the dryer drum part listings on the website include free installation instructions and Maytag dryer troubleshooting tips.

Appliance Parts Pros sells 19 different types of dryer drum belts for Maytag dryers. The belts are priced between $9.95 and $47.59 depending on the belt's length and material. Most of the belt listings include free installation videos to assist customers when replacing old Maytag dryer drum belts.

Sears Parts Direct carries Maytag dryer drum replacement belts for over 1,500 Maytag dryer models. Each Maytag model listing has a detailed appliance part diagram and instructional videos and articles to assist customers with the belt installation process.