Where Can You Buy a Replacement Heating Element for an Oven?


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Replacement oven heating elements can be purchased on major department store portals including Lowes Parts Quik and Sears Parts Direct. Replacement heating elements may also be found on manufacturer websites. Parts can also be found on specialized appliance repair portals, such as Repair Clinic.

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It is important to choose the correct heating element for the specific oven model. Model numbers may be found on the back of the oven or on the oven door. The model number may also be found in the manual or on oven packaging. Power must be disconnected from the oven by unplugging it from the wall and turning off the circuit breaker controlling the oven outlet.

The screws securing the heating element must be removed. Philips or slot screw drivers are usually used, although some units may feature more intricate screws requiring specialized wrenches. Once the screws have been removed, the element can slide out of its enclosure. The wires connecting the element must be gently removed. The colors of the wires that go into each terminal should be noted.

New elements can be installed by repeating the process in reverse. The terminals to the element are connected correctly to the oven. Next, the element is slid into place. Then, screws are used to affix the element into its new housing, and power is subsequently restored.

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