Where Can You Buy a Replacement Glass Cooktop?

Replacement ceramic glass cooktops are generally available as purchasable parts directly from the manufacturer of an electric range. KitchenAid, Sears Parts Direct and others sell such a part. They also offer step-by-step instructional guides for replacing ceramic glass cooktops.

Ceramic glass cooktops, which provide a sleek-looking cooking surface for electric stove burners, are susceptible to breaking when heavy or metal objects are dropped onto them. Once the surface is cracked, the stovetop should not be used until a manufacturer-approved replacement is installed.

The process involves first disabling the power to the range, whether by unplugging or shutting down the circuit breaker. The broken cooktop is released by removing retention screws inside the oven door. Sears suggests propping up the cooktop prior to its removal because the radiant element wire harness and supporting brackets must be disconnected. After this step, the broken cooktop is separated from the stove by being lifted up and away from the range. Since cooktops are heavy, Sears suggests that the old and new cooktops be carried by two people instead of by one person. Once the new top is placed and attached, the radiant elements should be reconnected before the entire assembly is fitted into place.