Where Can You Buy Replacement Crock Pot Lids?


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Crock Pot replacement lids are available online through Rival, Sears and Marbeck Appliance Parts. Crock Pot is Rival's trademark for their electric slow cooker. The lid is an integral part of the slow cooking process, and owners should never attempt to use a Crock Pot without it.

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Slow cookers consist of an outer metal shell that contains electrical heating coils, the inner stoneware liner and the lid. The lid forms a seal on top of the pot that retains heat and moisture. As the food cooks in the pot, the steam it forms condenses on the lid and drips back into the pot. This moist heat breaks down connective tissue in tough, inexpensive cuts of meat to make them tender.

Most slow cookers operate at temperatures between 180 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They have two or three heat settings. At the low heat setting, most meals take just over eight hours to cook, making the slow cooker ideal for starting a meal before work and coming home to food that is ready to eat. The high heat setting remains low enough to provide the benefits of slow cooking, but cuts the overall cooking time by 50 percent. Slow cooking does not require stirring foods and lifting the lid to check progress increases the cooking time.

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