Where Can You Buy Regal Food Processor Parts?

Regal Ware food processor components are available from third-party online parts retailers such as Sears Parts Direct and Abtec Parts. As of 2015, the company has discontinued sales and servicing of food processors and related parts.

The Regal Ware food processor was built through at least five models, all manufactured under the names La Machine I through V in cooperation with the French household appliance manufacturer Moulinex.

The food processors were the subject of two product recalls in 1986 and 1989. Plastic bowl covers manufactured between 1980 and 1984 potentially overrode the safety interlock system and allowed the appliance to operate without a safety cover in place. Doing so could cause lacerations or amputations to hands and fingers placed inside the unit. The problem existed with four models: the La Machines II, III and V as well as the J.C. Penney model 8330. The company encouraged consumers to discard defective bowl covers and discontinue using the appliance until a complimentary replacement cover was received.

Regal Ware Worldwide, the parent company that produced the La Machine food processors, has operated continuously since 1911, with the incorporation of the West Bend Company that was acquired by Regal Ware in 2002. The Kewaskum Aluminum Company, renamed in 1951 to Regal Ware Inc., produced aluminum-based cookware.