Where Can You Buy Queen-Sized Bed Sheets?


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Queen-sized bed sheets can be purchased from established online and brick and mortar stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond. In North America, the standard measurement for queen-sized beds is 60 inches by 80 inches, and queen-sized sheets are designed to fit this particular bed size.

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Queen-sized bed sheets are also available in different sizes; these are 60 inches by 80 inches for fitted sheets, 105 inches by 110 inches for flat sheets, 90 inches by 88 inches for duvet or quilt covers and 106 inches by 106 inches for comforters. While these sizes may fit standard queen-sized beds, it is worth noting that bed mattresses also come in different depths and may come with pillow mattress tops. This means that standard queen-sized sheets may not fit some queen-sized beds that do not follow the standard depth. It is wise to make size adjustments for mattresses that are deeper than standard mattresses. Mattress depths are 7 to 9 inches for standard queen sizes, up to 15 inches for deep and up to 22 inches for extra deep.

The best time of the year to purchase bed sheets is during the January white sales for good bargains, although outlets that specialize in linens usually have bargains year-round. Cotton is the most common choice of fabric when it comes to bed sheets, but other fabrics such as oxford, flannel, sateen, percale and muslin are available.

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