Where Can You Buy Pyrex Oil Burners?

Pyrex glass oil burners are available in a variety of colors from Simple Glass Pipe. A number of online and local smoke shops sell Pyrex glass oil burning pipes as well. Many sellers on both eBay and Etsy also stock both simple Pyrex glass oil burners and more ornate styles.

When burning scented oil to bring a fresh aroma into your home, going with the more ornate Pyrex glass oil burners can bring a beautiful accent into your home in addition to a wonderful smell. The best bet on finding these is from sellers on Ebay and Etsy. Expect to pay around $25 for an ornate Pyrex glass oil burner, several of which feature Egyptian glass and elaborate detail work.

Pyrex glass oil burners also come in pipe form, which are readily available at a number of wholesale smoke shops online as well as at local smoke shops. Simple Pyrex glass oil burner pipes are relatively inexpensive; getting three or four of them in a set from a wholesale smoke shop online is usually cheaper than buying a la carte. Patrons of both the online wholesale smoke shops and the local smoke shops must be of legal age before being allowed to purchase a Pyrex glass oil burner pipe.