Where Can You Buy Precast Concrete Caps?


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Buy precast concrete wall caps from Pacific Stone Design, Modern Pre-Cast, Houzz or Stone Legends. Precast wall caps provide a decorative way to protect the wall underneath the cap. Some companies refer to precast wall caps as "coping." Pier caps, or the concrete tops of columns that adjoin sections of wall, should complement wall caps with a similar style and texture.

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As of 2015, Pacific Stone Design manufactures four different textures and 15 colors of wall caps. The Palisade variety of wall cap from this company ranges from 72 to 162 pounds. The smallest wall cap in this design is 10 1/2 inches by 6 inches and 3 5/8 inches thick. The largest is 23 1/2 inches square and the same thickness.

Modern Pre-Cast offers four different types of coping for its precast wall caps. Ridged coping uses a slanted design with a ridge line in the middle of the cap at its highest point. Tier coping has a few lines and angles that change direction from the bottom of the wall cap to the top. Flat coping maintains a flat surface along the entirety of the wall cap. Rounded coping contains a rounded part on top as opposed to a ridge line.

Stone Legends sells five different types of precast wall caps, including special shape wall caps and steeple wall caps. Steeple wall caps have a steeper slant as compared to ridged coping.

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