Where Can You Buy Penn Exhaust Fans?


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Potential customers purchase PennBarry exhaust fans after finding their local PennBarry sales representative from the Sales portion of the manufacturer's website. Individuals determine the type of fan right for their structure by perusing the company's online catalog or downloading PennBarry's customized FanSizer software.

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Users input the ZIP code into the search box, or select a state/region from a drop-down menu, on the portion of the PennBarry website for sales representatives. Results appear alphabetically, in list form, below the search tools. Each listing contains a company name, address, phone number and fax number. Some, but not all, listings have email addresses and websites for the sales representative's business. Local sales representatives also have access to prices for spare parts.

For example, Mechanical Sales, Inc., sells and installs PennBarry exhaust fans out of its Kansas City, Kansas, office. This regional HVAC company specializes in several commercial and industrial applications for ventilation systems, including those from PennBarry. Potential customers contact specific people within the Mechanical Sales, Inc., corporation for prices and installation estimates regarding various products.

PennBarry's catalog includes exhaust fans for commercial, industrial, kitchen and energy recovery applications. The FanSizer computer program allows potential customers to create an exhaust fan system, but only sales representatives have access to pricing modules.

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