Where Can You Buy Parts to Repair a KitchenAid Washer?


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Repair Clinic is one of the largest online providers of appliance components and can be utilized to purchase parts to repair a KitchenAid washer. Seals, latches, pumps, handles and any other part that is required to fix a KitchenAid washing machine can be found on their website.

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With Repair Clinic, parts can be searched by appliance type, brand or even model number. If unsure of the specific model number, visitors begin a new search and provide keywords for the required part. In this case, washing machine and KitchenAid should be inputted to narrow down the selection. The name of the part can also be added to limit the results and locate the exact piece. Once the search is complete, visitors select the part that is necessary to complete the job at hand and continue to checkout.

But this is not the only method to select a part because there is an alternative that will consolidate the options by category. Clicking on the "Appliances" tab and then the "Washing Machines" category allows for a broader search. Selecting "KitchenAid" then provides a more refined search, which can be used to find the needed part. While this is a more roundabout method of searching, it is useful for universal or generic parts.

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