Where Can You Buy Parts for Old-Fashioned Stoves?


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Parts for old-fashioned and antique stoves are available from specialty parts resellers such as AntiqueGasStoves.com and AntiqueStoves.com, as of March 2015. Online auction sites such as eBay also frequently sell used parts for old stoves.

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AntiqueGasStoves.com allows users to view a sampling of the parts it has in its warehouse on its website. Users can choose from several categories of antique stoves, with options for various sizes and finishes of stoves, to view picture samples of the parts. If a user does not see an exact match for the part for which she is looking, she can contact the site via email with a description of the part. Once the request has been received, someone from the company can look through the physical inventory and respond with information about any available parts.

Listings on eBay for parts that work in old stoves are created by both private sellers and smaller businesses specializing in antiques. The information found in each posing can vary, but it typically contains a picture of the part, a description of its condition and the type of stove for which is can be used. Most postings are created with an auction pricing model, though some have a price for immediate purchase.

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