Where Can You Buy Parts for an Aladdin Kerosene Heater?

Parts for Aladdin kerosene heaters are available at Menards.com and on eBay as of March 2015. Kerosene-Wicks.com also offers a comprehensive selection of replacement wicks for Aladdin kerosene heaters.

Menards sells the P15A D-style ignitor for Aladdin kerosene heaters and ships free of charge. EBay has a wide selection of options, such as the base and stand for an Aladdin Blue Flame heater, brass flame spreaders, a mica window and glass chimneys. Listings also include several replacement wicks.

Kerosene-Wicks.com sells replacement wicks for most Aladdin kerosene heater models, including English, German and Iranian versions of the model J280 Blue Flame heater, Aladdinette II and Aladdinique heaters. All wicks include instructions and ship in individual bags.