Where Can You Buy Painted Bamboo Curtains?


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Buy painted bamboo curtains from online stores HawaiianDays.com, OrientalFurniture.com and ShopWildThings.com, as well as from online retailers Amazon and eBay. The bamboo curtains are typically made by stringing together thin reeds of bamboo with thin wires and hand-painting.

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HawaiianDays.com sells a variety of bamboo curtains depicting various themes such as tropical palms, sea life, tropical birds, flowers and islands, as of November 2015. Each curtain measures approximately 36 by 78 inches and contains more than a hundred reeds, each painted 360 degrees for clarity of the picture when viewed from any angle.

OrientalFurniture.com sells bamboo window blinds with designs that range from typical oriental designs of dragons and Chinese calligraphy to nouveau art depicting the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Mona Lisa.

ShopWildThings.com offers a selection of more than 45 bamboo curtains with scenes of ocean life, Hawaiian dancers, island sunsets, tropical birds and jungle wildlife. The site claims to have sold bamboo curtains for use in the sets of movies such as "Australia," "Big Love" and "Meet the Fockers."

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