Where Can You Buy a Pacair Range Hood?

Where Can You Buy a Pacair Range Hood?

A Pacair range hood can be purchased at Pacair USA. Pacair USA offers Fifth Generation range hoods in the SP, RL, RP, EL and KW series. Traditional range hoods are offered in the BC series,

Pacair range hoods can be found online at PacairUSA.com. The RL series is listed as the highest selling series. All but the BC series operate at a powerful 960 cubic feet per minute. The BC series range hood operates at 780 cubic feet per minute. Pacair range hoods feature their patented slanted design for maximum coverage of the cooking area.

The SP series has 24-, 30-, 36- and 42-inch range hoods available. All but the 24-inch style are available in a variety of colors and styles. The RL series is available in 30- or 36-inch sizes and a variety of colors.

The RP series offers 30-, 36-, 42- and 48-inch range hoods in the brushed stainless color. The EL series is available in 30-, 36-, 42-, and 48-inch sizes in brushed stainless. Each size has the option of the Button Switch style or the Electronic Touch style.

The heavy-duty KW series has a deluxe style, including an extendable chimney and an optional bottom cover board. This series has one model, which is available in the 30-inch size. The BC series has a traditional design that is ideal for two-burner stoves. It is available in 30-, 36-, 42- and 48-inch sizes in white or brushed stainless color.