Where Can You Buy an Outdoor Water Heater Shed?

Outdoor water heater sheds can be purchased at a variety of home and garden retail stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe's. AquaHut, sold at many local shops, specializes in this market. Additionally, online retailers such as Amazon.com also sell a variety of outdoor water heater sheds.

An outdoor water heater shed helps you save money on your bill, as well as cover an eyesore in your yard. Home Depot and Lowe's offer similar water heater shed products at comparable prices. Additionally, both stores offer home delivery, which can be handy, especially when purchasing such a large product. The products at Home Depot and Lowe's tend towards a more industrial look.

However, if a pleasing design is a priority, Amazon.com has a wider variety of options. AquaHut brand water heaters are also quite popular and come in a variety of designs. The AquaHut website locates an authorized distributor in your area. The more aesthetically pleasing water heater sheds tend to skew towards the more expensive.

Crafty DIY-ers might enjoy building their own water heater shed. Making your own means you can customize the shed to your exact size specifications. Several online resources can help you along. Whatever route you decide, be sure your shed uses long-lasting heat-resistant materials such as steel or enforced plastic.