Where Can You Buy an Outdoor Refrigerator?


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Outdoor refrigerators can be purchased both online and at a variety of hardware stores. Stores such as The Home Depot, AJ Madison and Amazon offer a range of outdoor refrigerators to choose from.

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Outdoor refrigerators are specially designed. Since temperatures outside of the home are more likely to endure dramatic shifts, these refrigerators are built to compensate for these sways in environment. Thus, outdoor refrigerators have to work harder to maintain the constant inside temperature. Through these changes, it is essential that the device be constructed of rust-resistant material, typically stainless steel.

Outdoor refrigerators are usually smaller than indoor models. Energy-efficient models can cost as little as $35 per year to keep turned on; however, without proper maintenance and placement, the operation costs may increase. If the device is kept in the direct sun, or more extreme weather conditions occur regularly, even the most efficient models increase in running costs.

No outdoor refrigerator is designed to accommodate temperatures below 40 degrees. Thus, it is important to remove the device once the outdoor season has ended. Putting a small spacer between the door of the unit and the seal ensures that no mold is able to grow once the device is put into storage for the season.

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