Where Can You Buy an Onan Generator?

Where Can You Buy an Onan Generator?

Onan generators, often used with recreational vehicles like motorhomes and boats, can be purchased through most RV sales companies, specialty electric generator companies, marine supply companies and online. Some rental car companies that rent recreational equipment also have Onan generators for sale.

The Onan generators are widely available for sale through businesses that sell heavy duty machinery, trucks and marine supplies. It is well known as robust generator for high-performance recreational vehicles such as boats and RV's. In addition the generator is also used by fire departments and emergency trucks.

Onan manufactures several types of generators for different uses and applications. Depending on the usage required, Onan manufactures:

  • Diesel generators for low noise with minimal vibration
  • Gasoline generators for more high-powered applications.
  • Natural gas generators that are lower cost and more economical. It uses compressed natural gas.
  • Propane generators that uses liquefied petroleum or LP Vapor-fueled generators that is light-weight and portable. The propane generators comes with a set of electric fuel solenoids to control the flow of propane in the system.
  • Hydraulic generators that have a filtration system, oil cooler and a reservoir built in.
  • Protec PTO emergency vehicle generators that are specially designed for mobile emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, mobile communication equipment and ambulances.

Onan generators are built by Cummins Power Generation, a subsidiary of Cummins Inc. Cummins Engine Company acquired Onan in 1981.