How Can You Buy an Older Model Refrigerator?

How Can You Buy an Older Model Refrigerator? and Big Chill sell vintage-style refrigerators. sells and restores appliances from the era between the 1920s and the 1950s. Big Chill’s refrigerators are retro inspired, but the company's founders have newly designed them since 2001. Customers can select from the inventory of either retailer online, and each company ships the finished product to the buyer’s home. keeps an inventory of unrestored antique refrigerators. Customers must purchase the refrigerators in their current condition. Then, the store offers the additional service of restoring the appliances according to each customer’s specifications. Pricing of the items includes fees for full restoration. Customers can ship their own antique appliance to for restoration, as well. As of 2015, shipping is available anywhere in the United States through Vintage Transport. offers a shipping quote for any service via its website.

Big Chill offers new refrigerators with vintage designs and colors. Focusing on refrigerator styles from the 1950s, Big Chill incorporates the chrome trim and steel bodies of antique appliances into refrigerators with modern amenities, such as energy efficiency and frost-free freezers. Customers can choose between over 200 colors, and they can also select whether they prefer a top or bottom freezer among various designs.