How Can You Buy an Old Hand Water Pump?


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To buy an old hand water pump, buyers should check out websites that stock the pump, such as Northerntool.com, Ezwaterwellhandpumps.com and Handwaterpumps.com. These sites feature different designs of hand water pumps for homeowners who would like to save money on water pumps.

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Northerntool.com allows buyers to filter their searches by water flow, inlet sprout, brand, customer rating and maximum suction lift. The top-rated pumps on this site, as of 2016, include Smith Poly Fire Pump and Ironton Cast Iron Press Pump. Buyers can access more information on each pump, including the model number, shipping and delivery estimates and features such as the number of liters pumped per stroke, size of the base and diaphragm material.

Handwaterpumps.com shows four sub-categories of hand water pumps as deep wells, shallow wells, automatic pumps and pump rods. Buyers looking for hand water pumps should opt for the pumps in the deep wells and shallow wells sub-categories. Each pump comes with a description of the depth it can lift water out of, how to operate it and its origin. Buyers can also read reviews from previous customers and see the product rating before deciding to purchase a pump.

Ezwaterwellhandpumps.com sells hand well pump kits that use a 1-inch pipe in the buyer’s well. The pump weighs 35 pounds, is 100 percent freeze-proof, easy to remove when relocating and maintenance-free.

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