Where Can You Buy Official Dreamscicles by Artist Kristen Haynes?


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Official Dreamsicles figures created by artist Kristin Haynes can be found on Amazon.com, Etsy.com and online auction sites such as eBay.com. The figures may show up from time to time in thrift stores or at yard sales as well.

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Dreamsicles products include cartoon-like human or animal figurines designed by Kristin Haynes. Production on each line of figures is limited, so finding them involves searching sites such as Amazon.com, Etsy.com and online auction or collector websites. Other collectibles such as plates are also called Dreamsicles as part of the same line designed by Haynes; these are found through the same online venues. To ensure the items are official Dreamsicles, look for the name Kristin signed on the bottom of a figure or a tag that bears the Dreamsicles name and information about the item.

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