Where Can You Buy New Dishwashers?

As of 2015, Best Buy has a good selection of new dishwasher by brands like GE, KitchenAid and Whirlpool. Sears also carries a good selection of new dishwashers, including brands Bosch and Kenmore.

Best Buy carries a variety of different styles and brands of dishwashers. As of 2015, the company carries a highly rated Bosch stainless-steel dishwasher that can clean up to 14 place settings with six cycles and two wash options. This dishwasher also features adjustable nylon racks and tines, a space for the easy loading of cups and utensils, and a removable silverware basket that secures smaller items. It also has a sanitization cycle that helps eliminate food bacteria, and a delay start mode that allows the dishwasher to start running at any time of the day.

As of 2015, Sears carries a Kenmore dishwasher that offers multiple cycles for added convenience, with a powerful, intense cleaning. This dishwasher also offers a sanitize rinse cycle that rinses away 99.9 percent of food bacteria. A pressurized spray nozzle helps to direct water where it's needed most to clear away dried-on food particles, and a heating feature so dishes don't have to be dried by hand. This dishwasher is Energy Star qualified, which can save water and money.