Where Can You Buy Multiple Cords of Firewood?


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The most affordable way to purchase firewood is to find a local wood yard and request pricing information for large orders. Because cords of wood take up so much space, shipping them lengthy distances is generally more expensive than purchasing locally.

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The price of wood varies significantly, but the cost of shipping a cord of wood can quickly match or exceed this amount due to its weight and bulk. Shopping locally typically results in smaller transportation fees, and buyers with a truck might be able to pick up the wood themselves. In addition, scams are fairly common, and buying locally allows buyers to inspect the wood before making a purchase.

Cords are measured by volume, but wood's shape means that some of this volume is wasted to air between pieces. In addition, scammers might sell cords of wood somewhat smaller than the legal size. To avoid losing money, buyers might want to measure the cords themselves.

It's also important to know which type of wood to buy. Homeowners using wood for minor supplemental heating may prefer certain softwoods that create a mild pleasing aroma. Those using wood as a major component to their heating, on the other hand, might prefer hardwood due to its greater energy density. Buyers should also know what the wood they're considering looks like to avoid being sold the wrong type.

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