Where Can You Buy Marine Stove Parts?


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Parts for marine stoves are available through the original manufacturers and through specialty websites, such as Go2marine and Defender. Marine stove parts are sometimes sold on websites such as Amazon and eBay, and may be available in brick-and-mortar boat stores.

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Dickinson, Wallas, ENO and Force are examples of companies that sell marine stoves, as of 2015. Typically, parts for their stoves are available through those companies' websites. Likewise, specialty marine websites, such as Defender and Sure Marine, often sell stove parts. In this case, the parts may either be for specific stoves or for marine stoves in general.

The availability of marine stove parts on Amazon and eBay varies. The sites themselves do not sell the parts, but sometimes sellers use the platforms. The parts vary by brand, and sometimes even used parts are available. Likewise, retailers that sell marine stoves in their brick-and-mortar stores may also offer the stove parts.

Marine stoves are part of marine cooking systems. Since boats do not feature traditional kitchen set ups, the stoves must function independently. Some models utilize propane for heat. However, other models use diesel or kerosene as fuel. Marine stoves come with specialty options, such as forced air and blower lids. Forced air draws fresh air into the cabin while pushing exhaust out. Blower lids distribute the stove's heat, allowing it to be used for more than one task.

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