Where Can You Buy a Magic Bullet Mixer?

Where Can You Buy a Magic Bullet Mixer?

The Magic Bullet mixer can be purchased from a number of major stores including Costco, Target, Walmart and Amazon.com. This item can be bought both in-store and online.

The Magic Bullet blender is sold in a variety of multi-piece sets. As of 2015, Costco sells the Magic Bullet 26-piece blender set. This particular set includes one tall and one short cup, one small pitcher, one power base, three blades and two traditional lids. In addition, the set comes with two shaker tops, two travel mugs, two flip top lids, three party mugs and five colored lip rings. A recipe book/user guide also accompanies the set.

Target has the 17-piece set available for purchase. This set includes tall and short cups, two blades, four part mugs with colored lip rings, two shaker tops and two lids. The power base measures in at 250 watts, which makes it ideal for grating, grinding, blending, chopping and mixing.

Walmart also sells the 17-piece set. The two blades included in this set are the cross blade and flat blade. The Cross blade is ideal for chopping, grating and blending. The Flat Blade is best for whipping cream and grinding hard foods such as coffee beans.

Amazon.com also features the 17-piece set and ranks this item as the number one best seller in the food processor parts and accessories category.