Where Can You Buy LESCO Lawn Products?

Customers can find Lesco lawn products from Home Depot, Amazon.com, John Deere Landscape stores and local stores that sell lawn products. There are three types of Lesco lawn fertilizers, and each has a different price. Lesco is a brand of lawn fertilizers and lawn care products sold by John Deere.

Home Depot has Lesco products but does not list all of them. A customer may consider requesting a catalog from John Deere to get a complete list of the products. Lesco offers specific products to suit different situations, such as Lesco 15-5-10 fertilizer, which is designed to fertilize lawns in harsh Texas climate. Homeowners can use the Lesco schedule to add fertilizers to their lawns as recommended.

Lesco lawn fertilizers have granules that are designed to release nutrients to the soil slowly. They lack harsh chemicals, making them safe for pets and people. Additionally, they are organic-based and are made from animal materials to help activate existing nutrients in the soil. Lesco also offers push fertilizer spreaders in different sizes and designs that customers can use to apply Lesco fertilizers to their lawns. It is essential to note that most online prices do not include shipping costs. Some products may have free shipping offers.