Where Can You Buy a Keystone Boiler?

Customers can purchase Keystone condensing boilers from authorized distributors throughout the U.S. You can find these distributors from a drop-down menu on the TriangleTube site labeled Distributors by State. TriangleTube manufactures five models of Keystone condensing boilers that range from 399,000 to 850,000 BTUs per hour.

Select one state or Canadian province from the drop-down menu, and wait for a list of distributors to appear in alphabetical order. Information such as the company name, address, telephone number and website are included in each listing. You can click on the distributor's website to open a new Web browser window, as of March 2015. If you have additional questions, contact a sales representative based on your state of residence.

Keystone condensing boilers range from 95 to 97 percent efficiency, contain a stainless steel heat exchanger and include pressure relief valves as a safety measure. The smallest unit weighs 346 pounds and the largest weighs 502 pounds. Each unit measures 38 inches tall and 24.5 inches long. Widths of each boiler range from 31 inches to 55 inches. Electronic control systems manage up to eight boilers at a time.

Distributors, such as Munch's Supply in Indiana, market TriangleTube's boilers, including Keystone models. Contact individual distributors to determine ordering and installation information.