Where Can You Buy Kewanee Boiler Parts?

Where Can You Buy Kewanee Boiler Parts?

Kewanee boiler parts can be purchased by calling Cici Boiler Rooms, Burton Mechanical, P.C., McKenzie Company or Oswald Supply. The Kewanee boiler manufacturing company stopped production in 2002, and replacement parts can only be purchased through specialty stores.

These retailers require customers to purchase Kewanee replacement parts over the telephone. Customers must provide the sales order number of the Kewanee boiler in question to purchase replacement parts. The sales order number is located on Kewanee boiler nameplate.

Cici Boiler Rooms provides an online catalog of all the Kewanee boiler replacement parts that the company sells. The parts are organized by type and part number; however, the catalog does not include prices. Parts sold by the company include cam assemblies, blower motors, door lugs, gaskets and handhole covers.

Burton Mechanical provides customers with detailed Kewanee boiler specification sheets, so customers can locate desired parts and their part numbers. BurtonMech.com has specification sheets for over 30 Kewanee boiler models.

McKenzieCorp.com has a large inventory of Kewanee boiler replacement parts that includes oil nozzles, pilot solenoid valves and ignition controls. The website also features part diagrams and descriptions for Kewanee blower wheels, cam assemblies, burners and gaskets.

OswaldSupply.com sells Kewanee boiler handhole covers that range in price from $53 for a 3-by-4-inch flat elliptical loose bolt handhole plate to about $260 for a 3-by-4-inch curved elliptical steel weld stud handhole assembly.