Where Can You Buy a Kemore Air Cleaner 85250?


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The Kenmore Hepa Air Cleaner 85250 model can only be purchased new at Sears' stores or through the Sears website, though some third party marketplaces may carry resale units at certain times. Compatible air filters for the unit can be purchased from third party websites such as Amazon or eBay.

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Sears' website allows users to view a full listing of all available Kenmore air filters, along with detailed descriptions and pictures of each unit. All listings feature reviews written by Sears customers who have purchased the products. Reviews consist of a star rating, ranging from one to five, along with a written explanation of the customer's experience with the product. Users have the option to sort listings based on the overall average of each product's reviews.

When searching for related air purifier products, such as air filters, customers can look at both Sears stores and other retailers. Many air filter manufacturers create models of filters that can be used in a variety of models, while others create generic filters that are typically of the same quality as named brands but with a lower price. As sites such as eBay feature both new and used items, customers should read all descriptions of air filters before purchasing.

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