Where Can You Buy Katy Perry Posters?

Where Can You Buy Katy Perry Posters?

Katy Perry posters can be bought online on AllPosters.com and the official Katy Perry store site, KatyPerry.Shop.Bravadousa.com. Amazon.com also offers Katy Perry posters through multiple sellers. Further, Katy Perry posters can be bought in-store at Walmart, but availability may differ between store locations.

Amazon.com offers a variety of Katy Perry posters, including a Prism album poster and a neon portrait poster, as of 2015. Both of these posters are family friendly. Amazon also sells several Katy Perry portrait posters directed toward mature audiences.

AllPosters.com offers three different portrait posters of Katy Perry, two different posters featuring Prism album images as well as a poster from Perry's "Part of Me" movie. The posters offered on AllPosters.com are safe for all audiences.

Perry's official online merchandise store, KatyPerry.Shop.Bravadousa.com, offers a Roar poster, a 3-D poster, a Prism poster and a tri-paneled print poster featuring images of Katy Perry and tigers, as of 2015.

Walmart offers four Katy Perry posters, all of which are safe for all audiences. These posters include a Prism poster print, two different 3-D movie posters and a Teenage Dream poster print, as of 2015. These posters may only be offered at certain Walmart stores. Check local Walmart stores to confirm whether they currently sell any of these particular prints.