Where Can You Buy an Ice Cream Maker?

As of 2015, ice cream makers are found at a wide variety of stores, including Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, and any reputable department store. The wide variety of options means an ice cream maker can be bought to fit almost any budget or personal style.

The modern ice cream maker was invented in Philadelphia in 1843, replacing the "pot freezer" method. Now, machines come in various styles including electric or compressor machines, standalone mixers, or battery operated models. All of these types can be purchased online or in stores. Popular brands include Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, the Magic Bullet, and Hamilton Beach. Ice cream makers can be purchased in an old-fashioned theme or in a modern stainless steel finish to fit any kitchen or decor.

Ice cream makers can be bought that churn ice cream automatically, using electric motors, or by hand. This determines the time it will take to make the ice cream. Electrical makers require very little maintenance and cut down on the prep time, while a hand powered maker requires more effort, but offers the convenience of being able to be used anywhere without electricity. Ice cream makers can also be used to make frozen yogurt or sorbet, ideal treats for hot, summer days.