Where Can You Buy a Home Soda Machine?


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Home soda machines can be purchased through multiple retailers, including Walmart, Target and Staples. Home soda machines can also be ordered online directly from the manufacturer. The most widely available version is produced by Soda Stream, which also manufactures and sells a variety of flavoring syrups to accompany the machine.

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Where Can You Buy a Home Soda Machine?
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Home soda machines range in cost from $70 to above $200 and come in a variety of styles. Most versions are small counter-top appliances that have plastic bottles, specially designed to handle the pressure of the carbonation process, while the more expensive versions feature glass bottles. All versions use refillable CO2 cartridges to carbonate water. The carbonated water is then mixed with pre-packaged or homemade flavor syrups to produce homemade soda.

The CO2 cartridges used to carbonate the water must be refilled locally. Welding and medical supply companies are the most common places to get CO2 cartridges refilled.

Soda syrup blends are available from both home soda machine manufacturers and other retailers. Regular and diet versions of common soda flavors, such as cola, ginger ale and lemon-lime soda, can be ordered from different manufacturers. Less common choices, such as wine, fruit juices, lemonade and energy drinks, can also be made into carbonated beverages using a home soda machine.

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