Where Can You Buy a Heating Element for a Maytag Dryer?


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Heating elements for Maytag Dryers are available at RepairClinic, AppliancePros.com and Amazon.com. Repairing a dryer is usually an easy task. The heating element consists of a coil of resistance wire and a metal case that forms a tunnel through which a fan blows hot air into the drum.

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Where Can You Buy a Heating Element for a Maytag Dryer?
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Before beginning any service for a dryer, the person making repairs should remove the plug from the outlet. Service panels in either the front or back of the machine allow access. Once the panel is off the machine, use a multimeter to test the coil for an open circuit. If it is open, the element requires replacement.

When ordering appliance parts online, the buyer should provide the seller with the exact model number of the machine. Manufacturers sometimes make small changes that prevent a part from a different model from fitting, thus delaying the repair. With the correct part, most owners are able to make the repair in a few minutes.

A failed heating element is the most common reason dryers stop heating. As the power flows through the wire, the resistance creates heat. Over time, this heat causes breaks in the wire, so current is no longer able to complete the circuit.

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