Where Can You Buy Goodman Air Conditioners?

Where Can You Buy Goodman Air Conditioners?

Goodman air conditioners can be purchased through online retailers such as ACWholesalers, TheACOutlet, TheFurnaceOutlet and IngramsWaterAndAir. The ACWholesalers website carries over 100 Goodman air conditioners that range in price from about $1,100 to over $3,000, as of March 2015.

The least expensive Goodman air conditioner system sold on the ACWholesalers website is the Goodman 2-ton 13 SEER air conditioner split system, while the most expensive is the Goodman 5-ton 17 SEER air conditioner variable speed split system.

TheACOutlet sells over 50 different models of Goodman air conditioners. Prices range from around $1,050 for a 1.5-ton 13 SEER Goodman air conditioning system, to approximately $2,170 for a 3-ton 16 SEER Goodman air conditioning system. The website also provides customers with flexible month-to-month financing options on any of the Goodman air conditioners in stock.

TheFurnaceOutlet stocks 40 types of Goodman air conditioners that are priced between about $705 for a 2-ton 13 SEER unit, and over $2,000 for a 5-ton 18 SEER unit. The website offers an Ask a Technician help feature to assist customers in deciding which Goodman's air conditioner is best for them.

IngramsWaterAndAir sells 29 Goodman air conditioner units. The units are organized by their seasonal energy efficiency rating. The website stocks Goodman air conditioning units that have ratings of 13 to 18 SEER.