Where Can You Buy an Oz Glass Bottle?


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There are many sites where buyers can order bottles singly and in bulk, including eBay, Freund Container and Specialty Bottle, which all provide buyers with access to large catalogs of bottles and bottling supplies. The sites have searchable databases of bottles and many other brands, types and makes of bottle suitable for use in many different bottling pursuits.

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Freund Container is a general bottle, box and other food and substance container warehouse. Users can search through its extensive catalog of bottles of all sizes and shapes alongside larger storage vessels like crates and sealable containers. The site offers different shipping options depending on order size and weight.

Specialty Bottle presents a wide array of bottles and does not delve deeply into other containers. The bottles available from this site come in all sizes, including single-ounce containers and ranging upward to larger bottles suitable for holding large volumes of liquids; or, in the case of wide-mouthed glass containers, for canning and preserving.

eBay is an online auction site where a plethora of goods are sold, including glass bottles. Users can search for goods and then engage in an active bidding process in order to purchase bottles and other products at competitive prices.

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