Where Can You Buy a Gibson Upright Freezer?

can-buy-gibson-upright-freezer Credit: Getty Images South America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Gibson-brand appliances, including upright freezers, are no longer sold under the Gibson brand as of 2015, but are instead sold by authorized dealers under the name Frigidaire, which is Gibson's corporate parent. Authorized dealers include big-box chain stores, such as Home Depot and Best Buy, and some smaller retailers.

For retailers specific to a certain location, Frigidaire includes a Where To Buy feature on the Frigidaire website. Navigate to Frigidaire.com, and click Where To Buy in the upper-right corner. After inputting an area code, the feature returns a list of local dealers that sell Frigidaire appliances, which include upright freezers.

The Gibson brand began in 1877 as two separate icebox manufacturers that later merged in 1908 when Frank Lewis bought the Belding-Hall Company, becoming the largest manufacturer in the industry. The company debuted the upright freezer in 1946, and it continued introducing many other innovations in subsequent years. In 1956, the Hupp Corporation acquired Gibson before it was subsequently aquired in 1967 by White Consolidated Industries. AB Electrolux, a Swedish company that maintains ownership and branding rights as of March 2015, acquired Gibson in 1986.

Gibson is still a manufacturer of appliances, but following numerous acquisitions, its appliances have come under the Frigidaire brand name. The exact time of this rebranding is unclear, but it may have occurred during the 1990s.