Where Can You Buy General Meat Slicer Parts?


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General meat slicer parts can be purchased at Sears online or at the Treasure Coast Food Equipment Parts & Repair website. As of February 2015, Sears sells parts for models SM-9A, SM-9B and SM-33. Treasure Coast Food Equipment sells a limited selection of replacement parts for the General GS300 model.

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Parts for some General meat slicer models are numerous. For example, Sears carries over a hundred different parts for model SM-9A. This particular model can be refurbished using replacement parts such as the base, bracket, platform and carriage. It is also possible to find various screws, nuts and spacer parts. When purchasing replacement parts for a General meat slicer at Sears, some parts are not returnable.

Replacement parts available for the General GS300 model include the slicer blade and the blade pulley belt, which resembles a large elastic band. Other replacement parts for this model include an on-and-off switch set, an indexing cam, an appliance cord and various knobs.

There are several basic parts that make a meat slicer operational. The product table is where the meat sits waiting to be sliced. At one end of the product table is a large round gauge plate. The blade and blade guard sit behind the gauge plate. Near the bottom is the pusher mechanism, which keeps the meat in place while it is sliced.

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