Where Can You Buy Fireproof Storage Containers?

Where Can You Buy Fireproof Storage Containers?

As of August 2015, Amazon.com, Staples and Target sell fireproof storage containers online. Amazon.com offers the Sentry GB20L Guardian Storage Box. The container is 15.8 inches high, 12.6 inches wide and 19.8 inches deep. However, its interior measurements are 12 inches by 10 inches by 15 inches.

Sentry's 21-pound plastic fireproof container has a capacity of 1.04 cubic feet. In addition, it protects against water and other environmental damage.

Amazon.com also carries a FireKing fireproof and waterproof chest. It is rated for 30 minutes of protection against fire. The container's interior is approximately 13 inches wide and over 8 inches deep, with a storage capacity of 0.27 cubic feet. This box also features a key lock.

Staples carries the SentrySafe 1-Drawer File Guard, which provides protection against fire, sprinklers and fire hoses. The container stores files and digital media. Its size allows tab folders to stand up or lie flat. The box fits into a standard vertical or lateral file cabinet.

Target carries a similar product, the SentrySafe Black Fire Safe File. This plastic container is fireproof and waterproof for up to 30 minutes. Its overall dimensions are 15.6 inches high, 14.6 inches wide and 15.8 inches deep. It has a key lock for storage of important documents, such as birth certificates, passports and contracts.