Where Can You Buy Emotion Code Magnets?


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The emotion code magnets that are recommended by the author of "The Emotion Code," Dr. Bradley Nelson, are magnets by Nikken that can be purchased from the website HealersLibrary.com. Dr. Nelson's website notes that a variety of different magnets can be used in conjunction with the book in order to release trapped emotions and balance the body. He lists the Nikken magnetic therapy magnets as his favorite, and the website has videos on how to buy them, how to become a Nikken distributor and purchase the products at wholesale cost and how he became involved in the business.

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"The Emotion Code" is a self-help guide to healing the body and soul by identifying trapped emotions through muscle response testing and releasing them with a simple magnet. Although the Nikken magnets are made for relieving discomfort and balancing the body, any type of magnet can help release trapped emotions. Very powerful magnets such as Nikken's to very weak magnets such as a thin business-card sized were tested, and the size, power and type of the magnet did not affect its healing abilities, notes DrBradleyNelson.com.

Available magnets from Nikken are found by clicking Products and selecting magnetic products from the categories listed on the left of the page. Magnets range from $30 to $40 each as of October 2015.

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