Where Can You Buy an Easy Out Screw Remover Set?


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Lowes.com and AceHardware.com feature a range of easy out screw remover sets that are available online and in store. Sears.com sells various screw extraction sets online and Amazon.com's online inventory includes both the Pit Bull seven-piece easy out set with tap handle and a six-piece set that is sold without the tap handle.

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Easy out screw remover sets are either designed to be hand-held or for use with a power drill. Not all screw remover sets come with instructions, and customer reviews can be helpful in explaining how to use the sets or where to look online for instructional videos. To use a hand-held easy out screw remover set, use a power drill with a drill bit that is smaller than the diameter of the damaged screw and that also matches the size of one of the easy out bits, to drill a hole into the screw. Insert the easy out screw extractor bit into the hole, and unscrew the remaining bit of the screw using a tap handle or by gripping the bit with a locking plier.

To remove a damaged screw with a screw remover set that works with a power drill, choose a suitable size screw extractor bit, attach it to the drill, and use the grinder end of the bit to drill a smooth hole inside the screw. Remove the bit from the drill, turn it round, insert the spiral end into the hole, and use the drill in reverse to draw out the damaged screw.

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