Where Can You Buy Duco Cement?


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Retailers that sell Duco cement include Walmart, Drugstore.com, Do It Best and Amazon.com. Safe to apply on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, wood, leather and paper, Duco cement is often used to repair household items or to hold crafting objects in place.

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Walmart, Drugstore.com, and Amazon.com sell Duco cement in 1-ounce tubes, while Do It Best sells the cement in 6-tube packages. Customers can purchase this cement online or in retail stores when available.

Sold as a household, multipurpose glue, Duco cement may be used on dishwasher-safe products and on delicate materials, including china and decorative glass. Duco cement is waterproof and fast-drying. Once applied, Duco cement dries clear. This cement has a tensil strength of 200 psi (glass to glass), 1200 psi (wood to wood) and 700 psi (metal to metal). Customers may apply this cement to both porous and nonporous surfaces.

Duco cement is not recommended for certain types of plastic, including polyethylene or polypropylene, or for use on containers that come in direct contact with food.This cement has a set time of 1 hour and a cure time of up to 16 hours. Duco cement is flammable, so customers should keep the cement away from heat or open flame.

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