Where Can You Buy a Dryer Exhaust Hose?


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Dryer vent hoses are available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe's. However, many building codes no longer allow the use of plastic or aluminum foil dryer vent hoses. To speed drying times and improve safety, consumers should consider installing rigid dryer ducts.

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Where Can You Buy a Dryer Exhaust Hose?
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Flexible dryer vent hoses have ridges that collect lint from the machine, increasing the fire hazard. Plastic and foil hoses are not able to withstand the heat of a dryer lint fire. Smooth, rigid dryer ducts eliminate the ridges and allow lint to pass through the outside vent. They are strong enough to withstand routine cleaning and thicker to contain a fire if it starts. However, they are slightly more difficult to install.

Flexible hoses allow the consumer to connect the dryer to the vent with a single piece of hose. Rigid vents require the use of elbows to make the connection. The homeowner must cut the straight runs of duct to fit between the elbows and then tape the joints to hold them together.

Connecting a dryer to an overhead vent is easier with a periscope connector and allows the dryer to sit closer to the wall. This connector attaches to the outlet of the dryer, then extends to allow a connection above the back of the appliance.

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