Where Can I Buy Demon Roach Killer?


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Demon roach killer is available through Amazon, Do-it-Yourself Pest Control and ePest supply. The manufacturer supplies the product as a powder to mix with water in a garden sprayer. It provides roach control for indoor and outdoor areas.

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Where Can I Buy Demon Roach Killer?
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Cypermethrin is the active ingredient in Demon WP. In addition to killing roaches, the product is effective for 30 other insects including ants and spiders. With the garden sprayer, the user applies the pesticide to cracks, crevasses and other spaces where insects tend to hide. It begins working within an hour and has residual action for up to 90 days. The FDA approves the product for use in the nonfood areas of restaurants and other eating establishments.

Demon WP remains stable in the powder form, but once it is mixed in a sprayer, the user should apply the entire volume and not attempt to store the mixed product. It becomes less stable in water like other similar products. The manufacturer supplies Demon WP in premeasured packets that dissolve in water for easier mixing.

For initial use of the low-odor insecticide, the user mixes two sachets in a gallon of water. Once the insects are under better control, he mixes one sachet per gallon of water for maintenance spraying. Applying around entry points of the home leaves a residual spray to help keep insects outside.

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