Where Can You Buy a Danby Refrigerator in Canada?

Where Can You Buy a Danby Refrigerator in Canada?

Danby refrigerators are available at a wide variety of retailers across Canada, including Sears, Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart and Home Depot. Many other home appliance and household retailers also carry the Danby brand of compact refrigerators.

To find the nearest Danby dealers and service depots, visit the official Danby website and enter a postal code on the "Where to Buy" page. The closest results are shown.

Danby specializes in manufacturing compact and apartment-sized refrigerators for smaller spaces. As of 2015, the company has been the leading supplier in Canada for several decades, and its compact refrigerators are rated highly by Refrigerator Pro. The website notes that the Danby brand focuses on sturdy, energy-efficient and long-lasting models.

The review website Appliance Shopping shows ratings from different sources for Danby compact refrigerators, with an average of four stars out of five. Comments from reviewers at Amazon are mostly positive, noting that Danby compact fridges run quietly and are economical, both to purchase and operate.

Customers purchasing a compact refrigerator should confirm the space available, as sizes are not standard. They should also consider that some models do not come with freezer compartments and that energy ratings can vary widely between different brands and models.