Where Can You Buy Cordless Doorbells?


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The Home Depot and Lowe's sell wireless doorbells online and in their stores across the United States. Doorbells Direct.com and Doorbell factory sell wireless doorbells online. The Doorbell Factory also sells wireless converters that change any of its wired doorbells into a wireless doorbell.

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The Home Depot's range of wireless doorbells includes a Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell that allows homeowners to stream live audio and video footage of their front doorstep from anywhere in the house, or even from around the world, and to communicate with visitors via an iOS or Android app. Lowe's range includes the Honeywell plastic wireless doorbell kit with a choice of six chime tunes, adjustable volume and a portable receiver that enables the homeowner to hear the doorbell when working in the garden or workshop. Doorbells Direct.com's range also includes a portable chime with a choice of 15 pre-programmed sounds and adjustable volume control.

The Doorbell Factory specializes in decorative doorbells produced by U.S. artisans, as well as selling doorbells from major manufacturers. Doorbell designs include various bronze animals, fairies and skulls; traditional circular surrounds and modern plastic covers. Several doorbells incorporate lighting. The displayed doorbell price does not include hardware. Customers select a doorbell and then choose the system and chimes to complete their purchases.

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