How Can You Buy Construction Equipment?


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Buy construction equipment directly through manufacturing companies such as Caterpillar Construction and John Deere or through auctioneers such as the Ritchie Brothers. Companies such as Caterpillar and John Deere let customers purchase equipment online or provide means to locate one of their local stores on their websites.

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Most construction equipment manufacturers and auctioneers offer their customers new and used options. Purchasing new construction equipment can be a good investment for those who do construction by trade or have very long term construction projects that are expected to last several years.

While used equipment can also be a logical choice for individuals who work in construction or have long term projects to tackle, it can be a riskier investment. When purchasing used equipment, customers should take advantage of manufacturers that offer certified or refurbished construction equipment. For example, Caterpillar Construction only resells used equipment that for which it can provide a product history and that has passed its rigorous in-house inspection. Caterpillar Construction also offers customers who purchased used equipment extended coverage and product support.

Used equipment can still be expensive and therefore not ideal for short term construction projects. Customers can take advantage of construction equipment rental from most manufacturers as well as larger home improvement retailers such as Home Depot.

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