Where Can You Buy a Coca-Cola Fridge?

Where Can You Buy a Coca-Cola Fridge?

Coca-Cola refrigerators can be purchased at the Coca-Cola store website, at Amazon.com, at the Home Depot, at Sears and at Target's online store. The Coca-Cola store, Amazon.com and the Home Depot have the largest selection of branded refrigerators.

As many as 10 different Coca-Cola branded fridges can be purchased, many with unique shapes, including fridges in the form of Coca-Cola cans and bottles. Other fridges include retro ice machine and vending machine models, a personally sized cube fridge and multiple models with Coca-Cola polar bear decorations on the door. The Coca-Cola cube fridge plugs into an automobile's power adapter.

The largest model is a 3.0-cubic-feet refrigerator and freezer, which includes a bottle opener built into the door. Other larger models come in at 2.2 and 1.7 cubic feet, with the 2.2-cubic-feet model featuring a clear door. Smaller models include the 10-can retro vending machine, the 15-can bottle-shaped fridge and a 6-can polar bear embellished model.

Some models are designed exclusively to fit 12-ounce cans. All of the refrigerators incorporate Coca-Cola's brand lettering and nearly all share the red exterior common to cans of Coca-Cola Classic soda.

Manufacturers of the Coca-Cola fridges other than the Coca-Cola Company include Nostalgia Electrics, Koolatron and American Retro.