Where Can You Buy Cheap Rival Slow Cooker Parts?


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Inexpensive replacement parts for Rival slow cookers can be purchased at Marbeck Appliance Parts, abtecparts.com and Sears online, as of 2015. Most parts available for Rival slow cookers are replacement lids or lid handles.

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Marbeck Appliance Parts also sells a replacement kit for the 6-quart Rival slow cooker, which includes a liner and lid. A universal replacement liner that fits a 6-quart slow cooker is sold by thepartsbiz.com. When purchasing a universal liner replacement, it's important to check size dimensions. The replacement liner must be the exact length and width as the original Rival liner. Replacement liners are only available for Rival 6-quart models.

Lining the stoneware with a cooking bag eliminates the need to remove the liner from its base for cleaning. Another way to ensure fast cleanup is to spray the liner with non-stick cooking spray. Slow cooking food for an hour on the highest heat setting is equal to cooking two hours on the lowest setting. Keeping food at safe temperatures is always a consideration when slow cooking, so experts recommend that foods be cooked on high for the first hour, before turning the cooker down to the low setting. Because it is important for the food temperature to reach a minimum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, frozen foods such as vegetables must always be defrosted ahead of time.

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