Where Can You Buy a Cast Iron Fish Fryer?


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Bass Pro Shops and Walmart sell cast iron fish fryers. Fryers are also sold by Bayou Classic Tastes, Cabela's and many other vendors of outdoor gear and cooking equipment.

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Where Can You Buy a Cast Iron Fish Fryer?
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Cast iron fish fryers are propane cooking stations used to fry fish and poultry. Most models are portable and have adjustable legs. Typical fish fryer kits include a propane stand, a hose, a gas regulator, a cast iron Dutch oven and a fryer basket. Large twin fryers have space for two fryer baskets.

Deep-frying thermometers are essential accessories for cast iron fish fryers. These thermometers measure the temperature of the oil, a vital element in successful frying. Flavor injectors, spare pots, lids and fry baskets are also useful accessories.

Many cast iron fish fryers have safety features that reduce the risk of spills and fires. Automatic shutoff is particularly important. Fryers equipped with this feature have temperature sensors that reduce or shut off the gas flow based on the temperature of the boiling oil.

It is important to follow several safety precautions when using a cast iron fish fryer. Fryers must be used outdoors and placed on level ground with the propane tank as far as possible from the boiling oil. Cooks should also keep a working fire extinguisher nearby.

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